"Technology Makes The World A New Place"

Even the greatest lens designs are useless if they can not be manufactured accurately AND reproducibly.  

Whilst ACL has decades of invaluable lens making knowledge, as a company they understand the importance of embracing the latest technology in order to provide the service that practitioners demand and patients require. 

Below is a snapshot of the technology ACL currently employs to ensure the accuracy and high-definition optics of its precision custom-made contact lenses. 

Precision Blocking System

The DAC Precision Blocking System is designed and robustly built to maintain micron accuracy and repeatability.

With the DAC Precision Blocking System, you can take full advantage of your DAC lathe’s capabilities and produce lenses with fully contoured / finished edges with total confidence.

Misting System

On our flagship high precision lathe system, spray nozzles (exact picture shown above) are placed at each tool position and can be independently activated via the software and individually adjusted for coolant spray volume.

The presence of coolant reduces heat during machining and “gathers” the powdered swarf (i.e. lens waste material) for easier extraction and less build-up on the diamond cutting tools. This creates the possibility for improved lens surface quality, i.e. better vision for your patients!

Oscillating Tool Technology (OTT)

On our flagship high precision lathe system, what is known as the Z’ axis fast tool is a crucial bit of technology that provides synchronized motion with the lathes spindle to produce a wide variety of highly complex back and front surface non-rotationally symmetric geometries, i.e. high quality custom-made toric lenses.

Axis Location System (XLS)

This is our Reference Mark Locator for the manufacture of back surface toric lenses. It automatically identifies the lens axis location to less than a single degree to allow accurate positioning and machining of the corresponding stabilization (e.g. prism) on the front surface.

This electro mechanical sensor is able to quickly and accurately locate the axis drill mark made by our drill marker (also housed on our lathe system and completely software driven) prior to machining the front surface, thus allowing the lathe via its highly complex software to properly align the axes of the back and front surfaces.

What does this mean for you?  Never having to worry whether your supplied toric lens is ‘off-axis’ due to human error during the manufacturing process.

Our flagship lathe system…

Cutting Simulation Software

The latest in cutting simulation software is not just any simulation software, but uses the actual tool path as calculated from the lens selections and parameters selected by the lathe operator.  This all contributes to ACL being able to develop more complex lens designs for you/your patients.

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